Account Based Marketing Programs for Fortune 1000 companies

Account Based Marketing Programs for Fortune 1000 companies

Our Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Content Syndication programs are data driven using our data intelligence tools and tele verified B2B technology lead generation for sales teams. Almost all the fortune 1000 companies have content syndication as an important marketing strategy. And the truth is, not all of it can be done inhouse. They ofter have specialised B2B lead generation partners like Demandwhiz, fill in for their tele-demand based lead generation campaigns.

Having a specialised, offshore demand generation partner has a lot of advantages for these big companies. One, they get god quality B2B leads targeted to their specific requirements, second they get these B2B leads quickly and accurately at fraction of their inhouse cost. Demandwhiz has been doing this for a lot of its fortune 1000 clients efficiently.

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