Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

DemandWhiz provides professional business intelligence services by giving vital information to the customers, competitors, prospects and suppliers so that they can take informed decisions. Our business intelligence services are an entire set of ideas and procedures to gather data.

Dossier Development

Our market analysts can develop high quality business information dossier that is often used by the C-Level executives for their go-to-market strategy. The dossier also gives them and their product management and development team insights about their competitive landscapes in terms of the market sizing, key market trends along with the past and current financial information about a target company. Demandwhiz has deep expertise in high tech, pharmaceutical and retail space to come up with key information in the detailed dossier including company history, organization chart, growth plan, company growth strategy, SWOT analysis and key company executives. The dossier also covers latest new and press articles along with any new awards and recognition received by the company. This is one of the key services of Demandwhiz used by many top companies.

DemandWhiz has produced high value dossiers for different clients in different niche. Our dossier development services consist of industry-leading know-how with main focus on the communication of product value propositions and supporting the finest available evidence.

At DemandWhiz, we have experience in developing; representing and using GVDs (Global Value Dossier) for providing HTA submissions with other materials of local market use. We know about the essential elements required in a business dossier and the optimum methods for delivery. Throughout our dossier development procedure, our team will concentrate on validation and analysis of humanistic, clinical and economic factors of any given product to develop evidence-based value propositions and provide the key details available to make sure a perfect link between evidence and strategy.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis includes competitor’s services and products, marketing objectives, growth patterns, strategies and assumptions. At DemandWhiz, our data experts concentrate on particular classes of the customers comprising geographic and demographic information as well as what they purchase, all those help with the details for business intelligence analytics. We also consider what’s happening in your competition that the business intelligence could miss out.

  • Competitive Bench marking
  • Formulating Competitive Strategies
  • Periodic Monitoring of Competitors
  • Announcements, product launches and regulatory issues
  • Competitor Environment Facing a Firm
Market Intelligence

At DemandWhiz, we help you recognize competitors’ strategies, regulate relative positions in markets, influence market insights tactically to maximize the competitive benefit.We offer market intelligence service to make the business intelligence more efficient. We also help you in tracking your competition as well as industry with market intelligence services. Our market intelligence solutions consist of analytics,which help you improving the business model with projections.

  • Analyze, interpret and monitor horizontal (industry) and vertical (competitor) trends
  • Market surveys for customer opinions
  • Competitive positioning
  • Customer satisfaction surveys – collect, review, analyze and interpret results
  • Sales Enablement Support
  • Account Profiling

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