Email Campaign

Email Campaign

Email Campaign and Lead Nurturing

Demandwhiz can design an effective Email Marketing strategy and subsequent Lead Nurturing programs that give a high ROI on email campaigns to our clients. Email is still an effective sales and marketing method that is employed by most companies worldwide to generate leads and quality traffic to their websites. E-mail campaigns often stop after the initial e-mail blast is sent to a targeted list and businesses are often unable to track response, validate delivery and correct returned e-mail addresses. Demandwhiz’s e-mail campaigns service can provide clients with beginning-to-end follow-through for any e-mail campaign including introductory emails, press releases, event announcements, special offers and newsletter circulation.

When you depend on different marketing platforms to reach your customers, you are playing as per their rules. An online email campaign service helps you directly communicate with the customers and makes you free from the other dependencies on marketing channels to get success.The best possible way to get success in the business is to get business through best email campaign service and email marketing services. With considerable experience of email marketing under the belt, we provide the best email campaign management services and help our clients increase their revenues through our best email marketing campaigns.

We provide A/B-tested subject lines and create email marketing campaigns for the clients of different sizes. Our Email Campaign Services include:

  • Email campaign template design (Simple HTML)
  • Automated Email Blast
  • Tracking
  • Email Openers
  • Website & Landing page clicks
  • Bounced Emails
  • Unsubscribe

Email Campaign Reporting including all details of openers, bounces and track url

Lead Nurturing Service to Convert Leads into Customers

You never know when will be your prospect ready to buy. Lead Nurturing is all about healthy, appropriate and apt conversations between you and your prospects. The right way to nurture your lead is to provide them proper information and education about your offerings. This way you get more sales-ready leads which in turn optimizes the whole sales cycle. Demandwhiz’s lead nurturing process will include sending timely email conversations to your prospects until they show a buying pattern or opt out.Lead nurturing service is one type of email marketing in which the emails are sent to the segmented lists based on demographics, persona and interest for particular products or criteria based on time.

Every lead nurturing campaign consists of numerous emails sent automatically and periodically at the intervals which add to the average sales rotation for any particular product. With DemandWhiz’s lead nurturing service, every email provides a new and better opportunity to view a fresh content. The next rational step is to learn more and relegate the sales funnel to make a customer.

  • Developing a customized Lead Nurturing model
  • Automated Email Nurturing
  • Lead Nurturing Campaign Evaluation and Reporting

Lead Nurturing Advantages

  • Proper lead list management
  • Generate more sales-ready leads
  • Faster sale cycles
  • Improvement in Lead-to-Sales ratio
  • Email & Landing Page Leads
  • Website Visitors
  • Email Openers
  • Inactive contacts

Stay in touch with the prospective customers with our Email Campaign and Lead Nurturing service and successfully get leads at different stages of the sales funnel.