Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention, forum moderation and listing guidelines monitoring for portals

Demandwhiz has expertise in monitoring services that helps the companies prevent frauds by their users that are buyers or suppliers of the company and need to communicate through company channel only. Portals having millions of users and listings and user guidelines for listing and posting on the portals, needs to be monitored as well. Demandwhiz has all the necessary resources and technologies required to provide these services.

Professional Fraud Prevention Services for Portals

DemandWhiz provides professional fraud prevention services with monitoring services,which help companies in preventing frauds by their suppliers or users.

Ecommerce portals with millions of users also e-commerce fraud prevention service as well as internal fraud prevention service and DemandWhiz provides all the required technologies and resources to provide the best services.

Don’t Get Fooled by the Fraudsters!

Frauds have become a persistent, dangerous and extremely costly challenge for government organizations and businesses.

Fraudulent strategies have become more advanced and it’s become harder to cope with huge amount of cyber crimes being performed. Also, the consumers demand a smooth experience while executing online or through mobile devices.

It’s important to fight against fraud with timely recognition and prevention. DemandWhiz provides specially designed fraud prevention solutions so that you can feel more assured during the whole consumer transaction life-cycle.

Early Detection and Finest Solutions

From identifying high-risk fraud alerts to fake fraud models, we have all the tools,which provide early and more precise detection.

We can identify attributes like Social Security numbers or high risk addresses. We also help the businesses with spot fabricated identity before any new account gets opened and it costs you money.

Furthermore, we provide forum moderation services that work as the forum where lenders report as well as share important details,which is carefully checked to help defend lenders from false activities.

The bottom line is when it comes to professional fraud prevention services, DemandWhiz get all the things covered!