Prospect Data Cleansing

Prospect Data Cleansing

Prospect data cleansing and enrichment

Multiple studies show that every 6 months a database of prospects get obsolete. It is a huge task for most companies to keep their database up to date, and an important one. Unless companies are sure of the state of their email lists/databases, they cannot plan an effective marketing campaign. We work as a support system for such marketing team and keep their database up to date, add new and error free. We increase the accuracy of such database from a junk state to 97% plus accuracy.

Validate your prospect data and your client with professional prospect data cleansing services from DemandWhiz!

What is Prospect Data Cleansing?

Your prospect databases and clients are important for your business. They both are the foundation on which your sales will increase. However, these databases quickly become outdated.

Prospect Data Cleaning is the process to validate the database and update or remove inaccurate information.

At DemandWhiz, we use telephone verifications as a data cleaning process for data validation, updating or removal. It’s the investment in your business’ future to make sure that the marketing team gets the data cleansing tools to work efficiently.

Why Prospect Data Cleaning is Important for Your Business?

  • Identifying the purchasers, decision-makers and influencers for your prospective clients is the key for sales & marketing.
  • More than 55% of the B2B companies are not verifying data before giving it to the sales teams, which results in wasting their valuable time.
  • Your data quality affects your business reputation as well as its futuristic prospects.


Why DemandWhiz

  • As our data cleansing strategy, our marketing professionals call each and every individual record personally to check the given information and acquire more data.
  • Being an experienced B2B data cleansing service provider, DemandWhiz has become successful with the repeat business as all our clients always come back because of our professional prospect data cleansing services.
  • We generate leads, engage the audiences and convert leads into sales! Our prospect data cleansing service is an efficient way of keeping your data updated and accurate.

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