Event Recruitment

Event Recruitment

Event Registration and Recruitment

You have an event, we can drive targeted audience to your event. Our large database of business contacts from various geographies, industry, job role, helps us to scope out audience for your event. We do everything required including sending out email invitations, follow up emails, tele follow up and registering and then reminding them to attend on the event day. End to end solution for event registrations is what we do.


Demandwhiz deploys the following methodology for event recruitment:

Event invitations/awareness

At the request of customers, Demandwhiz can do focused email campaigns and send out invitations to the targeted companies/contacts While calling our agents are able to create awareness for the customers’ product and services

Follow-up and registrations
  • Demandwhiz’s agents call the contacts defined by the customer, share information regarding the event, its features and benefits, and pre-qualify prospects
  • Based on the need or as advised by the contact, Demandwhiz agents send appropriate communication or additional information to the contact
  • Registrations are done by our tele-marketing team either a) Over phone or b) Online, by prompting contacts to visit a web site/page
  • Registration confirmation emails can also be sent to contacts by Demandwhiz, if the customer desires
Pre-event reminders

A few days prior to the event, our team sends out reminder emails to or calls the contacts that have registered for the event, just to ensure their participation

Usage of automated tools
  • Demandwhiz promotes the events on the internet via social and professional networking, press releases, blogs, event registration companies and other web mediums.
  • Extensive use of marketing automation tool like Marketo to manage end to end event recruitment process.

By using automation tool, Demandwhiz can:

  • Attract more attendees with personalized invites and timely reminders
  • Make your events count by converting more attendees to buyers
  • Integrate seamlessly with online webinar providers such as WebEx
  • Leverage your events as reusable content marketing assets, expanding the scalability of your event process
  • Streamline Event Management While Driving More Revenue
  • Dramatic Improvement in Event Management Efficiency and Results

Our teams have been trained to interact with various levels of people like front office personnel, administrative assistants, and senior management executives. Contact us today to know more.