Demandwhiz achieves Account Based Marketing Expert certification

Demandwhiz achieves Account Based Marketing Expert certification

May 1: San Francisco

Demandwhiz LLC, a Silicon Valley based marketing services company, today announced that it has achieved Expert certification for Account Based Marketing. While Demandwhiz has been providing Account Based Marketing Services to its clients worldwide for a few years, it has now added advanced analytics and strategy to its ABM services. Demandwhiz Co-Founder, Manish Sharma, after successfully achieving the certification during the April 2018 ABM Summit by Demandbase in San Francisco, emphasized on the need to take the ABM to next level by having ability to forecast the ROI on ABM campaigns. The certification also coincides with the new- no obligation ABM trial that Demandwhiz has started offering to its clients.The certification has now helped Demandwhiz in the following areas:

  • Using ABM for more than just demand gen
  • Moving to a blended ABM strategy
  • Aligning the marketing team around ABM
  • Pipeline generation and customer marketing

Mr. Sharma said “Often, small and medium companies hear about content syndication strategy adopted by bigger companies and the benefits they reap in term so revenue generation. This excited these companies to try out ABM and see if it works for them; however, they are strained because of lack of proper knowledge and resources that can execute it. This is where ABM expert for small and medium B2B companies, Demandwhiz, comes into play. Demandwhiz can execute very specific ABM trail campaigns and show the ROI and whether it is the right approach to their specific marketing or not; which often is.”

Demandwhiz has been providing marketing services to its North American clients for over 3 years now. With more than 3 years of experience in tele verified content and white paper syndication lead generation services, we have gradually moved on to more specific Account Based Marketing services, which is better suited for B2B companies. Demandwhiz recently delivered 5000 MQLs targeted in LATAM and North America, to a large B2B Solar company based in USA. These leads were very valuable to them and the client was able to close a large chunk of business resulting in very good ROI.

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