Capture intent in your Account Based Marketing (ABM) for better ROI

Capture intent in your Account Based Marketing (ABM) for better ROI

Account Based Marketing (ABM) using content syndication has been an efficient marketing strategy for generating mid-funnel leads for sales team. It not only gets you right leads but better leads.

However, there has been a trend of getting some leads that turn out to be a dead rubber, not all but a considerable number. While it may not be possible to keep all the unwanted, junk B2B leads out, while running your marketing campaigns, but it is possible to keep it as low as possible. How? – By identifying “intent” of the lead. It is  little easy to gauge an intent when the leads are generated via online channels like, email marketing, nurturing, web landing pages, using advanced analytics and algorithms. However, it is tricky when tele-marketing channel is used. It comes down to the calling agents skill sets and experience. And, if the intent is gauged by the agents while on calls, the leads become very good and qualified. Demandwhiz has experimented and employed quite a few tricks to check the intent of the lead on calls. Ultimately, we are able to get better intent, qualified B2B leads via our Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Content Syndication Programs.

Our programs, have been very effective for technology companies in domains like financial technology, enterprise security, cloud computing and saas companies. Our ABM programs have been powered by our inhouse B2B data researchers that have an accuracy rate of 95% on all data points.

Reach out to us  to know how we are able to get better leads for our customers, using our white paper syndication campaigns.

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